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Miguel: California


"I’m Miguel, I was born November 12th, 1999, and I’m from San Jose California. Ive been training since July of 2014. I first got introduced to the sport in 8th grade when a few people from my group started to run up a wall, it looked like fun so I joined in and made it to the top with them and then they told me we should start a parkour group. None of us really knew what it was so it was basically us just flopping on our backs trying to do flips on the grass. After a while we slowly stoped , then in July of 2014 i started watching parkour/freerunning videos and got a better understanding of it and fell in love with the sport. Every day that summer I went out to go train at local schools or parks alone. Finally when school started I found out there was a groups of upperclassmen who trained everyday during lunch at the grass , I didn’t know how to approach them so I just threw front flip in front of them and barely landed. Later that day they invited me to train with them after school and honestly that was a life changing moment for me because up until then ive never really felt like I belonged somewhere or had real friends. I grew up being pushed into mainstream sports and never really knew who I was or how to express myself but now I’m finally passionate about something and know who I am because of this sport and it’s community. I’ve made many friendships and have found many opportunities through freerunning such as befriending Twitch through a very strange awkward call, creating Project Aphotic , meeting most of my friends at Jumpfest 2018, and getting sponsored by Tresk. I’ve gone through hell to get where I am today especially having to recover from a shattered ankle from Dec/1/2017 but now I’m more motivated than ever and want to travel and compete in as many places as possible. One tip I have for anyone is don’t let yourself get in the way of what you want."

 Instagram: @phantom_tresk


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