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Our team is looking to take a different route on videos but that doesn't exclude us from making familiar content. Such as intro videos for every team members and many solo videos. This is going to be more of a common thing than team videos due to different schedules, living in different states, and travel costs to make trips to each other.

Twitch: New Style

We have and are going to make more edited videos that consist of all or part of the team members as well as other people that shows us interacting with each other while we feed on our teammate's styles and energy. With the differing styles of each athlete the videos have a wide variety of freerunners who could watch a certain athlete of preference for entertainment and inspiration.

Twitch X Anthony Vol. 2

Just a Day

The Tresk Podcast on this channel is hosted by Twitch. We have discussions over topics that are relevant in freerunning at that time and the differing opinions of the members shows the different sides of the argument so watchers can come up with their own.

Tresk Podcast 

On top of our solo and team videos we will also have series going that will be upload monthly like the podcast or bimonthly. Right now we have our series First Try or Die but we will come up with more and upload them regularly.

First Try or Die Ep. 1

Solo Series:

Members of Tresk have their own solo series. Twitch has "Lab" and "Move Lab"  We might switch up our series and change them if we get bored of them or have other ideas. But for now you guys get to enjoy these unique series.

Move Lab Ep. 1

Tutorials will be a thing we try to push out every once and awhile. Sticking to the creative, different movements that no one covers in other tutorials as well as new moves our athletes create such as the "Bullet vault" created by Twitch.

Twitch Tutorials: Bullet Vault

Vlogs are one of the most common things on YouTube right now and we thought it would also be the best way for you guys to see our athletes and get to know their personalities. Twitch made his first vlogs, though they're not going to be daily, it allows us to put more time into editing them and making them enjoyable to watch!

Twitch Vlog: 1

Twitch, and maybe other members of the team, have been full of ideas to make freerunning videos less generic, more focused on a meaning, and causing you to think. Almost like a music video style in a way. They are looks into the mind of our athletes. These are the videos that we hope will inspire other freerunners to be more creative with content and tell a story.



We also will have submissions for competitions and show reels that will be coming when applicable for competitions or online submissions for different events.

Twitch AoM Submission

There are other ideas in the making that are either under development or just a thought but one thing we will try to do is provide consistent and good content for anyone who follows this team or just an individual athlete of this team.

We want to thank anyone who watches, likes, and comments on our videos as well as buys our clothing and reps it in videos. You make us feel like we're doing something right and push us to keep improving our skill level so we can keep creating higher quality content and clothing!

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