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Our patent pending design, the mid range compression chalk sock.


-Pocket for chalk on ankle

-Compression and cushion for use in any physical activity

-Durable fabric that will last


"Hey, I'm Twitch. I myself at a young age preferred the rugged, loose clothes aesthetic. Leading me to cheap clothes with cheap fabric. During this I was a sit at the house gamer while sometimes stepping out to condition myself in a sport known as Freerunning/Parkour. Tearing shirts, shorts, socks got old so I decided to create a brand for myself that would introduce the aesthetic I enjoyed to the public with higher thread count, meaningful designs, and durable fabric with a personal feel for the wearer. 


Eventually this wasn't enough for me, as I was involved in a high mobility sport, leading to me getting better insoles, chalk balls, shoes with better grip. I noticed the lack of a use for general clothing beyond just a design that covers you. I wanted to upgrade, as a gamer in my youth RPG's were one of the most entertaining. You would start novice and become better as you played. Better gear, equipment, and skills. In life I was already doing the physical upgrading with my sport, so I took it upon myself to create the gear and equipment to then give the RPG experience to people in real life who share a similar mindset around their passions.


Everyone who joins and supports our journey is an appreciated ally in creating a market that hasn't existed for the public in this format. Thank you! "


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