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Twitch: Texas


"I'm Twitch. I was born August 5th, 1998 and I've been training since summer of 2013. I'm from Idalou, Texas. I first was introduced to parkour and freerunning when I was 14 because my brothers were jumping around the backyard diving over a small fence yelling "PARKOUR.". I looked it up later that day and saw people doing flips and insane stuff I didn't know was possible. I didn't think I would ever be able to do it so I left it at that. But going to school I wasn't the most popular when it came to sports or just being myself around people so I was bullied quite a bit. I wasn't athletic and being told to feel worthless by not just friends my age but also coaches really killed any enthusiasm or drive I had to pursue anything or be successful. Around the time I was 15 almost 16 I decided I wanted to prove I could do something so as I was watching these freerunning videos and told myself I was gonna do a backflip cause I didn't care if I got hurt or if I was scared because I felt like I needed to do it to gain respect for myself. So that's exactly what I did, went in my backyard, hopped around a bit to calm my nerves, and threw my first backflip and landed on my feet (which is the way no one starts freerunning ever). Since that it became a hobby and a way to relieve stress but now it's my passion and something I want to do for a living. If I had one tip to give it's to just do what you want!"

Instagram: @twitch_tresk

Facebook: Twitch Tippit

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